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Why Should You Choose Us

Securing All-Natural Goodness from Farms to Your Shelf 
Spitting Goat takes immense pleasure in serving its customers and our planet. We have made it our business to make the world a better place, not just by lifting spirits, but by redefining the beauty standards by making skincare more affordable, natural, and safe for use. 

Sustainability - Our Foundational Belief

All our operational processes, from a collection of raw ingredients, formulation, to processing and packaging, are designed to promote sustainable living. We go to great lengths to ensure that we are just as kind to the environment as we are to your skin.  


Everything we source and sell at Spitting Goat is intended to build a better and healthier life for humanity and the environment. We believe that change is only possible if everyone plays an active role in the choices they make as consumers. Want to transform your way of life and reduce your ecological footprint in a measurable way? Shop now!

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