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Our Lotions

The all-natural moisturizer for all skin types is formulated carefully to soothe and nurture your skin. This lotion is infused with a burst of goat milk, vitamin E, hydrating oils, and all-natural essentials your skin requires to stay healthy and look fresh. Made without synthetic preservatives and harsh chemical ingredients, this deeply nourishing lotion is a vital addition to your skincare routine. 

Tea Tree Spearmint Lotion

A crisp, clean combination of Tea Tree and Spearmint refreshes your senses and calms the body while gently hydrating nourishing your skin.

All natural vanilla Goat milk lotionVanilla_edited_edited.png


A sensual blend of premium vanilla and luxuriously scented essential oils, this lotion deeply hydrates your skin, leaving it velvety soft. 


Clear your mind and relax your soul with the soothing effects of eucalyptus. The invigorating Eucalyptus formula brightens your skin in many therapeutic ways. 

all natural eucalyptus goat milk lotion Eucalyptus_edited.png
all natural lavender goat milk lotion.png


Our lavender goat milk lotion has a refreshing lavender scent that is light and comforting; it promotes a tranquil mind while deeply nourishing your skin.

Coconut Lime Verbena

It offers a tropical, luxurious, and sweet all-natural lotion experience.  It is made purely from Goat Milk and is infused with organic coconut scent and lime freshness.

all natural Coconut lime verbena goat milk lotion.png

Cinnamon Vanilla Lotion

A sensual blend of premium and luxuriously scented Cinnamon and Vanilla essential oils. This lotion deeply hydrates your skin, leaving it velvety soft.


Experience the rejuvenating and natural purifying effects of lemongrass with this invigorating, herbal lotion. Hydrate and heal your thirsty skin with this beautiful formula. 



If you’re looking for a lotion with an enchanting and deliciously capturing fragnance, then this one is ‘the’ lotion for you. With top notes of dark rum and the sugary scent of a cake, we are bringing the joy-packed Rum Cake Lotion to you.


This advanced formula revitalizes your skin, improves skin texture, and is the perfect solution for quick moisturization. Made strictly from natural and organic ingredients, this lotion will purify your skin. 



The natural and organic sandalwood scent is clean and fresh, offering an intensely comforting earthy scent that is subtly delightful.

Warm Rustic Woods

This scent reminds you of a fruitwood with a hint of floral and pear. There is also a hint of patchouli, green bergamot and amber. This scent will make you want to cozy up to a camp fire or put on your favorite flannel pajamas and relax

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